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Carnival Farmse

About Farmse !

Carnival Foods have started a new product line with Frozen Products under the Brand name "Farmse".Farmse focuses on providing great quality fresh food with affordable price and variety to the customers. We also have a well-equipped world class centralized production unit which operates from Cochin, Kerala.

When you want to whip out a quick meal beats the convenience of Frozen Fresh Foods. Freezing can help store the nutritional value of the food for a long time and also ensures an undeleted store of ingredients all year around. If you have enough supplies stocked up it saves you the weary walk down the market every time your supply is exhausted. Furthermore, you can store away the left overs which can be resumed again thus reducing food wastage. The idea of frozen food is an all-around creatively in genius way to store, process and supplement your diet. Farmse is here to revolutionize the way frozen foods are used in our day to day life and provide you with nutritious and tastier nourishment.

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