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Carnival Happinezz

About Happinezz !

Carnival Foods is more than delighted to finally announce its influx into the world of FMCG, with Happinezz. 'Happinezz' is our exclusive new brand, which will solely focus on baked products, ready to be consumed. From sumptuous plum cakes to flavorsome muffins,cookies and more, Happinezz is designed to emerge as a favorite go-to brand in the FMCG industry. For us, this is a moment that glorifies our presence further in the retail industry, and we expect to encourage our team to participate in the leap forward.

Our acclaimed marketing team would take the all-embracing task of promoting Happinezz along with Red Bubble cafe, which already, as we know, has more than 10 outlets in Kerala. Apart from the incredible assortment of cakes and muffins, the brand will also concentrate on healthy food options, including breads and more, which will be distributed expansively in the region and beyond.

The management further intends to expand our hold in the state and beyond, and the products to be sold under the 'Happinezz' brand will be handpicked by experts, and 'baked with love'. Our competent team will keep a tight and stringent control on the production process and safeguard hygiene conditions at all times, converging on taste, quality and variety -the three things expected from an elite commercial baker. Only exclusively handpicked raw materials will be used by the brand, and production will be coordinated by professionals, with expert bakers on board for overseeing every step of the production process.

Happinezz products and its entire range of planned collection is expected to launch mid-January 2018, promising more finger-licking stuff for food lovers, who love to indulge in baked products. Expectedly, the brand aims to lead the FMCG market for bakery products, and besides all the marketing efforts, the company intends on appropriate product placement at the right place and time. Happinezz products are assured for taste, expectedly-high production standards and incomparable quality.

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